Hello and welcome!

Let us use our yoga practice to:

~ breathe and be mindful of the present moment
~ learn more about ourselves
~ promote self-love, self-care, self-respect and self-acceptance
~ relax, renew, recharge and refresh
~ share and shine our light
~ have fun!

Enjoy your yoga journey. Remember: the things we learn and experience on our yoga mats also apply to our lives off the mat. Namaste.


Monday evening (8:15–9:15pm) and Wednesday evening (7:30–8:30pm) classes at Northbrook College’s Nuffield Health Centre, Worthing. *** Note: Please book the class with Nuffield prior to attending.

I am also available for one-to-one sessions or small groups. Please contact me for more details.


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Hello, I’m Renee – welcome to Bright Lotus Yoga.

I attended my first yoga class in 2003, and to this day I still remember the feelings I had after that first class. I felt so relaxed, recharged and alive after being reminded to breathe and to move with the breath. The more I did yoga, the more I wanted to learn about it. I was hooked and my yoga journey began.

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