Hello, I’m Renee – welcome to Bright Lotus Yoga.

My yoga journey started in 2003, and to this day I clearly remember how I felt after my first ever yoga class. I was so calm, grounded and recharged. Things were clearer and brighter as I walked home from that first practice. I kept going back for more, and the practice never failed to deliver.

In 2014, I qualified to be a yoga teacher and I’ve been teaching ever since. I am now also a qualified yoga therapist. I did my training with Yogacampus (accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy) and I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

I decided to go into yoga therapy to learn more about yoga and how it can be specifically and practically applied to various conditions and situations. The idea of combining yogic practices with modern medicine to improve an individual’s overall well-being makes so much sense. Each has its own merits, they are not mutually exclusive, and together they are even more powerful and effective in moving an individual towards health and healing.

Learning and sharing enables me to serve and help others, to live with purpose. Yoga has been a companion and comfort to me over the years, and I would like to share this gift with others. Whenever things get challenging, my practice is constantly and quietly there to ground and support me. All I need to do is breathe and show up. Yoga is truly for everyone – it meets us where we are, and it evolves with us and adapts to us as we develop and grow.